Erik Escoffier

Carefully crafted
interactive maps
& web development

I’m a developer who totally fell in love with maps.

The stories they tell, the stories you can make with them. How they are made with millenia of knowledge and cutting edge techniques. How both art and engineering are crucial to their fabrication.

I try to make my work part of something bigger. I’m currently working at The Food Assembly / La Ruche qui dit Oui! (we are helping local farmers sell their products directly).

Some open source projects I like : OpenStreetMap (of course), CartONG, ArduPilot, Mapillary

What’s in my toolbox : Javascript, Leaflet, Mapbox, D3, Backbone.js, SASS, QGIS, Illustrator, git, a Quanum Nova

Define me : born in 1984, a hiker / trailer / runner, a bad guitar player but a decent cook, part of the ~25% of the population that sneezes when looking at the sun.

A few places in the world I’m particularly fond of Albert Cuypstraat – Amsterdam, La Butte Aux Cailles – Paris, El Hierro, La Gomera, Bordeaux, The Galata Bridge – Istanbul…