My name is Erik (@nerik) and I am a

freelance game and
app developer

(I imagine and build nice things for all kinds of screens)

I am a happy member of lab212 :)

More ?

I like immersive user experiences. I am fascinated by interaction and pretty things generated and animated by code. I like to experiment and tinker with what's new. I like design. I like designers ♥.

(I also like music, good food, simple things)

I advise, analyse and code. I like minimalistic and pragmatic code (rather toolset than framework, composition than inheritance, best practices than design patterns...). I like efficient designer/developer workflows. I like open source (here's my github profile).

I code for PCs, Macs, iOs, Android, tactile and tangible devices, interactive installations, with tools like Unity3D or Haxe. Flash is my first love and I still code with pleasure on that platform (AS3, Air, Stage3D, Jsfl...), but also Javascript/jQuery, Php, MySQL, CSS/SASS.

I worked in startups, in agencies, in an e-learning company. As en employee, freelancer, student; in France and in the Netherlands.

I learned at the Gobelins School in Paris. I now teach there from time to time.

I speak french, english, and a little bit of dutch. Maybe one day I'll learn Volapük or Solresol.


I'm available for freelance. Contact me by mail (hello@nerik.me), phone (+33 6 63 52 32 25), skype (erik.escoffier).

AccroShark Educational arcade game
My little history factory Sounds and words app
BCG 50 years Drawing iPad app + web app
Le Bullosaure Interactive installation
Citroën C4 Picasso Realtime 3D iPad app
Ma Poire iOs app for kids
Istanbul - Carpates Travel diary
Relais d'ScienceInteractive installation
MétronomeParis over the course of history
UniverscienceAugmented reality app for Android and iOs
VolkswagenGiant multitouch screen
intüiPad app for kids
Louis VuittonFlash corporate
Mijn naam is HaasSerious game
Tangible device for early learning
SIRE : onbewust asociaalViral website
Conclusion IniMiniSeminarViral website


An arcade game that lets you control sharks belonging to endangered species: avoid the multiple dangers placed on the itinerary and catch the bonuses to enter into the top 10. An iPad game in realtime 3D, made for the exhibition "Sharks" of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Unity3D dev (C#): Erik Escoffier
➜ AD, graphic design: Béatrice Lartigue, Réciproque



Unity3D, C#, 3D

My little history factory

This multiplatform app allows kids to mix words and sounds to create endless zany combinations.

Haxe/NME dev: Erik Escoffier
➜ Concept: E-Toiles
➜ Based on a book by Bruno Gibert published by Autrement Jeunesse


iOs, Android, Mac

Haxe, NME

BCG 50 years

The BCG company celebrated its 50th birthday by organizing events in all its worldwide offices, during which guests were able to draw a doodle iPads. Those drawings could then be seen and collected on a back-office.

Haxe/NME and node.js dev : Erik Escoffier
➜ Concept, AD : bllank


iOs, web

Haxe, NME, node.js

Le Bullosaure

The "Bullosaurus" is a cute monster that answers with bubbles when you talk in his ears. This interactive installation is a part of Bain de Midi, an exhibit for kids made by the Lab212 collective which took place in Nantes in December 2012.

Concept, Arduino development : Erik Escoffier


Interactive installation

Arduino, installation

Citroën C4 Picasso

An immersive 3D app to show the new C4 Picasso car.

Unity3D dev (C#), rendering : Erik Escoffier
➜ 3D modelling and rendering, ObjectiveC dev : Cyril Diagne
➜ Concept, AD : Werkstatt



Unity3D, C#, 3D

My Pear

Simple and playful graphics for a new way to tell stories. An iOs app for iPad and iPhone, available in 4 languages.

Haxe/NME dev : Erik Escoffier
➜ Concept, AD, illustration : E-Toiles, Stéphane Kiehl



Haxe, NME, iOs

Istanbul - Carpates

A travel diary, made just for fun, with Léna Mazilu.

Flash dev (AS3) : Erik Escoffier
➜ AD, design, motion : Léna Mazilu



Flash, AS3, JSFL, PixelBender

Relais d'science

An interactive installation that explains how a nuclear plant works and what are its risks. This installation will be shown this fall in Caen (France) for the exhibit "Zoom" presented by Relais d'Science.

Haxe/Flash dev : Erik Escoffier
➜ OF/C++ dev : Tobias Muthesius (Lab212)
➜ AD, motion : Juliette Champain (Lab212)


Interactive installation

Haxe, Flash, installation


A website adapted from a famous french TV show. It allows the user to discover the history of Paris through 2D and 3D maps. Full flash website using Away3D and Yahoo's geolocation API.

Flash dev (AS3) + motion : Erik Escoffier
➜ Concept, AD : Douny



Flash, AS3, 3D


An augmented reality app made for Universcience New Year's greetings (Universcience regroups two of the most famous science museums, the Cité des Sciences and Palais de la découverte). 3D Leaf-cutter ants appear on the printed greeting card carrying a customizable message.

Unity3D dev (C#) : Erik Escoffier
➜ AD : Manon Levasseur


iOs + Android

Unity 3D, C#, augmented reality


Giant tactile screen installed in Orly Paris airport, to promote the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Dev Flash (AS3) : Erik Escoffier, Jocelyn Lecamus
➜ DA, graphisme : Sÿclo


Écran tactile

Flash, AS3, tactile, physics engine


A continuation of the mü project, intü is a digital fairytales publisher on tablet computers. The first volume, "Little red riding hood", will soon be available on the Appstore.

Unity3D dev (C#) : Erik Escoffier, Simon Doury
➜ AD, design, motion : Béatrice Lartigue, Pierre Thirion



Unity 3D, C#, Flash/Air/JSFL workflow

Louis Vuitton

Flash development and motion for several Louis Vuitton products (press release microsite, training CD-Rom).

Flash dev (AS3), motion : Erik Escoffier
➜ AD, design : Studio graphique Louis Vuitton

2010 - 2011


Flash, AS3

Mijn naam is Haas

An educational game that received several awards, distributed on PC/Mac CD-Roms and on the web. The kids draw a landscape and the objects with which the rabbit Haas and his friends will interact. This will allow them to learn vocabulary, to resolve problems... This is a project made in a dutch startup which also publishes illustrated books with the the game characters.

role : Flash dev (AS3)

2009 - 2010


Flash, AS3, PureMVC, Air

An tactile and tangible table intended to be used in lindergarten classrooms for early learning. Kids can use their fingers or tangibles to interact, thanks to an infrared camera and Reactivision software. Graduation project at Gobelins School. The project won Europrix overall winner award 2008 and was shown in the Cite des Sciences of Paris and at Tokyo's Digital Content Expo, amongst others.

Lead dev Flash (AS3) : Erik Escoffier
➜ Flash dev (AS3) : Wahiba Khadri, Simon Doury ➜ AD, graphic design : Béatrice Lartigue, Pierre Thirion


Interactive table

Flash, AS3, tangible, tactile, Reactivision

Conception, Lead dev

SIRE : onbewust asociaal

An online campaign made for the dutch NGO SIRE, aimed at preventing antisocial behaviors. The website allowed visitors to compare their behavior from those of the rest of the country.

rôle : Flash dev (AS3)



Flash, AS3

Conclusion IniMiniSeminar

A viral website for Conclusion, a dutch medias holding.

rôle : Dev Flash (AS3)



Flash, AS3

Contact :

mail hello@nerik.me
phone +33 6 63 52 32 25
skype erik.escoffier
twitter @nerik

I like em :

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